Welcome to my blog. Today is my first day. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Joyce. I am a retired florist and am currently working part-time as a medical transcriptionist for 2 hospitals. I keep busy and love what I do.

I am a Grandma and Great Grandma and am very, very blessed and grateful for my family.

My passions are floral design, crafting, crocheting, doing fun projects with the Grandchildren (my favourite)!

I enjoy travelling. We usually go to Mexico in January of every year and try to get to Arizona in March. I also go with my oldest daughter, Laurie, to Vegas in September and sometime in the summer we take our 2 little Grandchildren on a short trip. This year our 10-year-old Grandson will likely be going to basketball camp in Vancouver with Grandpa and his Dad. Our 9-year-old Granddaughter, her mother and myself are planning to go to a horse ranch in Kamloops sometime this summer. So, we have a busy life, and a good life.

My biggest regret is living in a different province from my 2 older kids, Grandchildren and Great Grandson. We do not see them enough!!!

So my blog is about me. How exciting is that. I want to collect things that interest me, that I love, that I would love to do or have, that makes me feel happy, that sort of thing. The above-mentioned interests will be incorporated into my blog.

So here goes….Welcome….Enjoy….Comment….


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