OMG Are These Amazing Pants Or What???

Free Crochet Charts for Spectacular Summer Pants

My dear friends and fellow crochet addicts, this post is especially written and fondly dedicated to all those in love with the flower power boho chic, extremely trendy palazzo pants.

When the trend of my mother’s youth came back 2 years ago I did my best to get my hands on a pair of wide leg jeans that will sweep the floor even if worn with tall platform sandals. Since the trend lingered last year too, I looked for summer pants with the same design but I couldn’t find any design that will not make my petite figure look …anything but slender.

All the above being considered , after talking with my Russian , Romanian and Spanish friends on several handmade forums  I set my mind to try a new kind of project that will create my ideal crocheted  garment for this summer.

Since I have to decide which one of the two will I start , I figured to post both so you girls will find it easy to decide which to make and wear. Personally I like the idea of blue and fuchsia ( the trendiest colors of 2014) but for slender figures that will see the shores of the ocean this summer, the white and taupe versions are perfect too.

So here goes:

Free Spirited Diva Pants

As per Alana Murphy’s request on Facebook ( Thanks for Liking my page Alana) I am adding extra instructions for how to read the Free Spirited Diva  Pants Chart:

So here goes:

  1. For the top side ( waist to hip) crochet in circle. When at hip, divide the circle in 2 and chain the required length in the middle of the circle linkinking to the oposite side .Work the leg length in circle multiplying to get the pallazzo effect every 10 rows, or every 5 rows depending on your desire.

Chart translation in written pattern:

  1. Row 1: chain the required length
  2. Row 2 : ch 3, 3 x dc with 1ch in between in the 3rd ch, skip 3ch, X stitch( 1 dc in the 3rd chain , ch3 1dc in the 3rd ch back ( repeat sequence until the end of the row) close with 1dc
  3. Row3 : ch 3, X stitch (1dc in 2nd chain space from the  3dc section below, ch3, 1dc in the first chain space), 3dc with 1ch in between in the 3 ch space below( X stitch), repeat until the end of the row, close with 1dc.

Loose Fit Posh Elegant Pants

My suggested yarn is mercerized cotton or viscose for a looser airy structure and finish.

Large Motif:

1.Chain 9,sl st

  1. Ch3, 23 dc in the circle.
  2. Ch4,ch3, 1trc ch3…repeat ( 23trc ch3)

4.Ch5,1sc in the next ch3…repeat (24 x ch5 clusters)

  1. Ch12, sk 1 ch cluster 1sc in the next, ch10 sk 1ch cluster 1sc in the next…repeat ( 12 x ch10 clusters)
  2. Ch4, 2tr ch3 3tr (in the same ch10 cluster), 3tr ch3 3tr …repeat in each ch10 cluster
  3. Ch 4, 4x 1dc 1picot in the ch3 cluster,ch4, 1sc in the space between the tr groups below

Small motif

  1. 1x magic ring, 16 dc in the ring, close
  2. Ch 4,sk1, 4x 1dc 1picot in the next st, ch4, sk1,1sc in the next st …repeat

Join the motifs as shown in the chart in the last row or by sewing them individually when done.

The part between the legs is made making a “belt” of small motif long enough so the pants will maintain the slouchy look.

It’s really easier than it looks.

I really hope you like this post so feel free to join me on Facebook for more lovely ideas and please share on Google +  for all the fans of these items.




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