Healthy Hobbies

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Hobbies That Help The Mind

Switching off is one of the hardest things to do. Removing myself from social media is another. I find myself being sucked into social media every single night and I cant help myself but to just keep scrolling through twitter and Instagram chatting to likeminded people but all of that can weight down on your sometimes can’t it, don’t tell me you haven’t felt it before! The pressures to be active on your blog and on social media, the dramas that we often see sometimes we just need to unplug and occupy our minds and I thought I’d share with you some hobbies you can take up that help keep the mind busy and chilled.
I know we don’t exactly get the greatest weather for it over here in rainy UK but in the summer I love gardening! I find it so relaxing and it makes me feel so accomplished when it starts to grow! I don’t really get outside much unless it’s in summer planting new flowers and watching them grow and bloom! It’s really satisfying and it’s not really something you need to learn as such! We’ve moved into our house just before last Christmas and obviously it’s been way too cold to sort out our garden so I’m itching to get to it this year!
The adult colouring books took off last year and took the word by storm and so many of us love them and we all know why, it helps us chill out! It’s actually one of the best proven forms of therapy and I can see why! Painting for me is a way to unwind, let out the stresses of each day with the stroke of my paintbrush. Depending on my mood will depend what I paint/draw and how and what colours I choose to use. Each piece I paint is pretty much how I’m feeling and I like to use my painting to reflect. I cannot be more thankful that I’ve found my love for art all over again as I took somewhat of a five year break from any form of drawing or painting! I recently started a little adventure and set up an etsy shop where I sell watercolour paintings, prints and quotes *incoming shameless plug!* It’d mean the world to me if you could check it out by clicking here.
Aaaaah reading! I’ll be honest, it’s only a hobby I recently picked back up as I haven’t read a book in five years! That might be crazy to you guys and it is to me too. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to read as I would always be starting a new book and I just couldn’t get into anything I tried! However this week I treated myself to some new paperbacks on amazon and boy am I hooked on Behind Closed Doors! It’s incredible and I’m only a quarter of the way through it. Let’s hope this is me rekindling my love of good old books!
I’ve included crochet here as I guess it’s kind of similar, however, I cannot crochet even in the slightest no matter how hard I try! I learnt to knit properly when I was seven and it was something my grandma taught me! I prefer to knit for babies as I get bored knitting a bigger piece of work for an adult so I like small projects where I can use different colours. I started with the basic knit stitch and you should too but now I can do nearly all the stitches in the knitting dictionary and have no issues with a lace knitted blanket. I’m a fast knitter too and could whip up a baby blanket in less than a day if I wanted to! This is the hobby that actually got me to stop smoking, this is how helpful for the mind it is! I was so focused on my knitting, keeping all the stitches on my needles and following the pattern that there really wasn’t a time to puff away on a cigarette! I now haven’t smoked for two years and I can’t stand the taste of it anymore! 100% learn to knit guys you don’t realise what your missing out on I actually think it’s a pretty cool hobby!
Now this might seem like a ridiculous hobby for me to list considering I cannot swim at all. I cannot even doggy paddle and a whale drowning would look more graceful than I do in water. I don’t float, I don’t care what anyone says but we don’t all float! However, there is just something freeing about being in the water just bobbing up and down so there is no reason why you can’t go ‘swimming’ no matter on your skill level, just being in the water alone is relaxing. Or you could just have a nice hot bath and skip the chlorine drying out your hair haha!
I have one scrapbook which I started when I first began my blog back in 2014 and have been adding random blog photos I’m proud of, photos from events, photos with my blogging friends and nick naks I’ve picked up along the way. One thing I love to include in my scrapbook is handwritten notes from PR companies I’ve worked with. It’s a lovely positive scrapbook and one I want to keep on growing as I find it so motivating to look back through! I do eventually want to create a travel scrapbook and a general life scrapbook but I can’t help but watch others videos on youtube of all the incredibly creative ways they make their own!

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