Wedding Dress Trends 2017


We spoke to Rime Arodaky, a Paris-based wedding dress designer, and Danielle Gulic and Yvonne Reidy, co-owners of Loversland a bridal shop in Toronto, to find out the biggest and best wedding dress trends for 2017.

Following wedding dress trends is tricky, especially if you’re a bride. On one hand, most brides-to-be want a look that they can look back on without regret (something most women who got married in the 1980s can’t do). But on the other hand, embracing the time and place you got hitched is a great way to mark the moment—and incorporating the trends of the day is the easiest way to do this. The good news? For 2017 the bridal dress trends that are making the biggest waves are also the prettiest—which means you can rest easy about that dress regret.

We spoke to Danielle Gulic and Yvonne Reidy, co-owners of bridal boutique Loversland in Toronto, and wedding dress designer Rime Arodaky for all the latest you need to know about the top 10 2017 wedding dress trends.

1. Lace

Lace is still going very strong for 2017. Think illusion necklines, sheer lace sleeves, lace overlays or just all-lace dresses. When it comes to soft romanticism, lace is still your best bet.


Image by: Oscar de la Renta

2. Jumpsuits and suits

“When we first opened two years ago, we were really stoked about jumpsuits and pants,” says Danielle Gulic, “but only now are we at the point where women are actually embracing it.” It may seem like a bold fashion choice, but wearing a sleek or romantic suit to your nuptials is a great look. Remember Bianca Jagger’s wedding look? Trust us, it will stand the test of time.


Rime Arodaky

3. Understated glamour

This is more of a feeling than a hard and fast trend, but Yvonne and Danielle have noticed a definite uptick in women looking for more glamorous and Hollywood-inspired elegance. Could you wear it on a red carpet? If yes, then it’s probably glamorous.


Alon Livne

4. Sparkle

“I think women are a bit more open and amped for sparkle,” says Danielle. This doesn’t mean over-the-top sequins necessarily (although go there if you’re feeling it) but just adding a little shine to an otherwise simple silhouette can take a dress from simple to stunning.


Peter Langner

5. Clean lines 

Rime Arodaky calls this the “city-chic” look. Think clean lines, simple silhouettes and an overall polish to your bridal look. While you could wear a gown like this to a big 500-person wedding, it would also be a great look for a city hall bride.


J. Mendel

6. Structure

Structure doesn’t necessarily mean hard edges—but Rime has definitely noticed that brides are paying more attention to the detail and shape of the dress and how it fits their body. It’s all about finding that middle ground of the perfect fit. “Brides are looking for a bit of structure,” she says. “Nothing too flowy or too soft—without being too puffy or too heavy, the structure is becoming very important.”


Carolina Herrera

7. Shoulder-baring

Off-the-shoulder silhouettes are still big—but the trend to keep at eye out for is single-shoulder dresses. “It’s not quite here yet,” says Danielle, “but I think we’ll be seeing a lot more one-shouldered gowns soon.” From our research, there were only a few brands embracing the one-shoulder—and they were all more experimental. File this under, big in 2018.


Isabelle Armstrong

8. Embroidery

Colours (other than the occasional pale pink or muted yellow) haven’t hit the mainstream yet—and Rime, Danielle and Yvonne are okay with that. But what they are seeing is more intricate embroidery, often in pastel colours. The takeaway? Go for subtle colours and interesting touches instead of full on colour.


Elizabeth Fillmore-FelicityImage by: Loversland

9. Metallic accents

“I really love metallic details,” says Rime. “I have little gold dots in the new collection and I love hints of rose gold too.” Metallics are a no-brainer for your big day. And while most brides bring the trend into their look with accessories or even nail polish, this year feel free to embrace a dress with a bit more pizzazz in the form of metal accents.


Rue De SeineImage by: Loversland

10. Old school accessories

Okay, so this isn’t a dress trend, but it is one of our favourites on the list. Old school accessories—like traditional veils and embellished hair combs—are making a comeback. When it comes to trying these trends the Loversland ladies implore you to just try it on. “A lot of girls come in and they don’t want a veil,” says Yvonne, “but then as soon as they try it on, they love it.” So ditch the flower crown for a veil or a glamorous comb in your hair.



Jennifer Behr Comb available at Loversland

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